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AIMAT 2014
XII convegno nazionale

International Workshop on Thermoplastic Matrix Composites

18th International Conference on Composite Materials

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The STM-group is interested in all non metal related materials: polymers, ceramics, biomaterials and composites.

A number of projects have been faced since 1995. In fact in 1992 prof. Alfonso Maffezzoli after his Ph.D at University of Naples Federico II moved to Lecce to in a new Materials Engineering faculty.
After him, Prof. Mariaenrica Frigione, and Dr. Alessandro Sannino joined to the staff contributing to the growth of a young research group operating mainly in polymer and polymer matrix composites.
Thereafter the research interests were boradened to ceramics and ceramic matrix composites with Dr. Antonio Licciulli. Finally the last two members working as assistant professors are Dr. Antonio Greco and Dr. Carola Esposito Corcione.

Two post-doc, Dr. Francesca. Lionetto and Dr. Daniela Diso give a strong contribution to research in the area of polymers and ceramics respectively.

The technicians, Mr. Donato Cannoletta and Mr. Francesco Montagna operates in all the labs having developed their skills mainly operating on WAXD, SEM and stereolitography.

The research group includes also an average of 7 Ph.D students and 10 master student, reaching each year about 20 people working in four laboratories. In the last ten years about 110 students that have got their materials engineering master degree working in the STM-group found a valuable job in a few months.

An interdisciplinary approach and continuous cross fertilization represent the main drive force for the team. Publications combining knowledge from different areas are the rule more than the exception. It is worth noting that prof. Maffezzoli published on 36 different international journals. Patents, participation to international conferences and the creation of two spin-off companies witness the relevance of the results achieved. Through the years several collaborations with many colleagues operating in USA, UK, Spain, India, Norway and Sweden were developed.

The STM group operates in the following areas:

For each area a well equipped laboratory is available. Funds have been obtained both from public Institutions and private companies, both for base and applied research. Private investors also sponsored a number of research projects.

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